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The Buckhorn Kitchen Staff strives to provide for you, nutritious and balanced meals. We enjoy serving you and truly desire that meal time be one of satisfaction and joy.

You may choose from the following Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Selections or if they all sound good to you, the kitchen staff will select them depending on the type of group, season and availability of product. If your group has special dietary needs, please contact Debi at 951-659-2995. Also, contact Debi concerning specialty menus such as Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Indian, etc.

Buckhorn Camp meal service staff will abide by all health and safety rules and regulations.

A menu will be prepared for each group that is appropriate to the age of the participants, their tastes and their activities.

Buckhorn Camp will honor requests for special dietary needs - low salt or salt free, low fat, vegetarian, and food allergies unless the request is beyond the capability of the meal service personnel. Some specialty foods added to the menu may increase daily meal rates.

Buckhorn Camp will provide special menus for banquets, parties and other celebrations. However, an appropriate charge will be assessed for these meals and/ or snacks.

The menu will include as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, and the staff will secure fresh produce on a regular basis.

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